About Us

The online Shopping, it is a One Stop Gift Shop and Lifestyle store.
In addition to being a traditional family owned and operated Newsagency, selling Newspapers, Magazines, Greeting Cards and Tattslotto, we also sell a huge variety of Gifts, Homewares, and a large range of good quality relaxed Clothing and Shoes that are comfortable and look great, all beautifully merchandised in our large Retail store, located in exactly the same place in Sunbury, as the store my Grandparents bought in 1932.
My grandparents Ellen and William Davies bought the store during the Depression in 1932, when my grandfather couldn’t find work as a builder in Geelong.
My mother and father, Glenise and Ron Geyer took over the Newsagency in 1951.
All of my brothers and I worked in the shop over the years, either behind the counter or delivering newspapers, as have all my four children.
I have been managing the store since 2004 and now when I post photos of my four grandchildren on Facebook or Instagram, wearing Baby Clothes or cuddling some beautiful Teddies or Dolls from the shop, we laugh that they are working as Fifth Generation Newsagents!
When my grandparents and parents were running our Newsagency many years ago, our business was really the hub of the community, it was much more like a general store. I remember when I was a little girl we sold a lot more than just newspapers and magazines! Yes, we sold Tatts tickets and greeting cards, which are still our core products but we also sold toys, gifts, bikes, cakes, icecream, furniture, bed linen, cushions, TVs, carpet, washing machines and lots more!
Several years ago we felt that the changing landscape in the world today meant that in order to survive in a rapidly changing world, we had to look at products that would sit well in our store, with our core products, and often feel when we look at the store we have created and look at the Unique mix that we have today, that in many ways it resembles the mix we had in the store many years ago!
We hope that because of the changes we have made and our long standing relationship with the local community, over many years, that we are able to be a store that customers can feel welcome to visit every day finding a selection of products that are at a variety of price points, good quality, value for money and different, that will mean that we can be a One Stop Gift Shop which customers can visit and find something suitable for most occasions.
Now in 2020 , during the Corona Virus Pandemic, we have realised that the world is actually very small, we are connected, and we need to change our store once again, very quickly, to provide our products online. Customers and followers of our Facebook and Instagram pages have been asking us to sell online for years, so we have finally listened and we hope that we can provide great old fashioned service to our online customers so they will feel part of our community, no matter where they are in the world!